Coach Carter
Coach Carter is an American film from 2005

Ken Carter was asked to be the basketball coach for the school-team Richmond and he accepted the offer after some thinking. But the job wasn’t going to be easy for him. The players had bad attitude and behavior, they rarely showed up at school and didn’t have any discipline at all. During this film Coach Carter tries to learn the boys not only how to become a better basketball player, but also make them become more disciplined and respectful not only at school, but also in their spare-time.

In this film we’ll get to see that Ken Carter is a strict and good coach, bcoach-carter.jpgut for some of the players and some of their parents, his way of coaching the team, make them angry. The task of making the boys disciplined and respectful was a big one for Coach Carter. He needed to stay on his feet and believe in himself to finish this task and reach his goal. In the end he made it and 6 members of the team went on to college. Ken Carter did a great job!

This film shows us how many American youth societies really are today and that there are several problems to be solved. Drugs, bad behavior, violence are good examples. Coach Carter can be seen as an educational value because it shows us the American youth society in a good way.

A message of the film is that people can develop, even though their circumstances aren’t the best.

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