Dirty Pretty Things
external image Dirty+Pretty+Things+2002.jpgDirty Pretty Things is a British film from 2002

The film is about two illegal immigrants in Britain. One of the main characters, Okwe, works both as a taxi driver and in a hotel. He randomly finds out that the manager of the hotel, Juan, runs an illegal operation where he trades forged passports for desperate immigrants' kidneys. Okwe is educated as a doctor and when Juan discovers this, he tries to persuade him to do this illegal job, but Okwe refuses. Okwe stays in Senay's apartment, but when the immigration police become aware of that, they start chasing Senay. Since Okwe is illegally staying in Britain, Senay is also a criminal for letting him stay there, so Okwe moves out. In order to get a passport, she goes to Juan and agrees to exchange her kidney. Okwe is told about this operation and tells Juan that he can operate if both of them get a passport each. He also wants to ensure Senay's safety and this is fine with Juan. They perform the operation on a drugged Juan instead and they exchange Juan's surgically removed kidney to their passports. The film ends with Senay going to New York to follow her dream and Okwe going to Negeria to his daughter.

The film presents one of the problems immigrants, especially illegal immigrants to Britain are facing. The problem in most cases is caused by the lack of money. By having little money, they get desperate to earn some or get an illegal passport so that they can move to another country. In this case, people trade organs to get money or a passport. What is dangerous about this is that the operation is perfomed more or less by amateurs, and is done in insanitary locations like hotel rooms. A system that is meant to take care of these people would probably prevent this from happening.

The theme of the film is immigrants in Britain, especially illegal immigrants who are waiting to get permission to stay in England. We can say that the film is trying to tell us to take care of these vulnerable immigrants and create a system to help them in difficult economical and health situations.

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