East is East
East is East is an English film from 1999

East is east is set in a British household in 1971. The man of the house is Pakistani and his whife is English. life gets as their children grow up. These children were brought up in England and see themselves as British. Even though, the father of the house expects the family to live by strict Pakistani ways in terms of living, dressing, foods and religion. This arises a major conflict within the family.

Ella, mother of the house realises the pain her children has to go to. Circumcising and arranged marriages are factors that makes her rebel on her husband with the children are all on her side. Suddenly the majority of this family have lost their faith in the Pakistani values. This is too hard to handle for George Kahn, the father and the former head of the family. His world is falling apart.

Many immigrants will have to let go of large parts of their original culture. That is often an enormous challenge as culture can be a part of one's personality and foundation of life. There is a lot to learn from this film. For example we are shown how islamic culture does not match with western culture in a handful of situations, a challenge that is present almost everywhere due to comprehensive immigration.

The central themes of East is East are difficulties with assimilation and cultural differences. George Kahn was not open for compromises, something that made his family fall apart. Another important thing is how George abused his role as the strongest in the house. His anger caused by the shocking behaviour of his family lead him to mistreat his whife and family.
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