Invictus is an American film from 2009.

Invictus tells the story about President Nelson Mandela who unites his country through allying with the captain of South Africa’s rugby team. This is needed for making South Africa develop and make peace and justice within the South African people. The people of South Africa are divided both economically and racially. Can these problems end with a rugby match?

In 1995 the world cup of rugby is held in South Africa. Mandela sees a golden opportunity in this event. The rugby team Springboks were usually considered a team for the white South Africans. Mandela’s goal becomes to make the Springboks a team supported by the entire South Africa. Mandela teaches the Springboks’ captain Francois Pienaar to lead by example, a lot like Mandela does himself. Reaching the unrealistic goal of winning the world cup gets brighter and brighter throughout the film. Though this prosess both Mandela and the Springboks gains support from all of South Africa, creating a more united nation.

Educational value
This film portrays a country during major transformation. The viewer sees a trail of conflicts and collisions that are not even an issue in most countries today. This is an eye-opener when it comes to understanding the victims of apartheid and segregation. The way Mandela used a rugby team to unify the nation is very interesting. Apparently most problems, even small or big can be solved with creative thinking and untraditional solutions.

Theme / message
Even though Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison, he was able to forgive when he was released. He ruled a country that justified everyone, either black or white. This makes forgiveness an important theme in this film. The faculty of forgiving is confirmed to be much more valuable than fighting back in Invictus.

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