Outsourced is an American film from 2006.


This is the story about the phone salesman Todd Andersen who is forced to lead an outsourced company in India. After all of his co-workers are fired in the United States, he gets to choose if he wants to go to India or get fired. When Todd arrives in India, he sees an entirely different society, but after a while he starts to like it here. He is now the boss of a few Indians, who are not very good at speaking with an American accent. He starts to train them and meets different obstacles along the way, which makes the film a bit funny. After a while Todd falls in love with an Indian girl, who is one of his employees. They have a few problems, like Indian women are supposed to find a more suitable Indian man, or are forced to
marry, and that he is her boss. At the end they get a problem where the workplace has been flooded, they solve this with taking all the equipment up to the roof, and at the end they are all able to speak like real Americans. When the movie has come to an ending, Todd gets a call from his boss, who tells him that they are going to outsource again, this time to China because it is cheaper. Todd is angry, but manages to get the best people and his girlfriend to join and work with him in China.

Important information about country/culture

Outsourced is a cultural-class film which presents the values for the Indian culture. The film introduces two different people, with different cultures, values and beliefs who learn about each other how they live and how they behave in their country.

While Outsourced could have continued with its "foreigner in a strange land" premise, the film subtly shifts gears. The movie starts to show the wonder and beauty of cultural differences between Americans and Indians without judgment. The film also sometime present the fact that Americans lose sense of how the rest of the world lives. For instance, Todd openly dislikes his company including his boss and his job. His soon-to-be replacement Puro cherishes his future management position and plans his marriage around the added respect and wealth he will gain as a call center manager. Also, Todd's love interest, outspoken call center agent Asha, points out that while the Indian workers need to understand American culture to better perform their jobs, Todd must also learn more about Indian culture to help them succeed.

Cultural differences between India and the USA:
  • Parents and their children bond are strong. The children live with their parents until the end of their life.
  • Girls don't wear open cloth like in USA though clothes.
  • In India People will not respect your privacy
  • Arrange marriages
  • They can't eat with their left hand. In India this is rued and the unclean hand
  • Bear/Alcoholism is considered bad.
  • Holy cow.


The theme of outsourced is greed and love. Western countries use less evolved countries to make more money, and we see cultural differences that affect the way to people can be together. Therefore the main message is that the world is a lot different then we are used to other places in the world, and that we should not always take things we have for granted, because they may not have it in other countries. Also we see how some people take advantage of other societies, and make money of their poor knowlegde of the world, and how we live today.

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