The wind that shakes the barley
The Wind that Shakes the Barley is an Irish film from 2006.

This film is about two brothers fighting on different sides. In the beginning they are fighting side on side with each other against the British army. In the end when the Anglo-Irish treaty get revealed, Ireland break out in a civil war between the ones which accept the Anglo-Irish treaty and they which do not.

Damien had planned going to London to work in a hospital, but then things happens that make him stay. He thinks the British have gone too far and decides to stay in Ireland to defend the country from the British army. His brother Teddy commands a little army and Damien decides to join in. When the Anglo-Irish treaty is introduced Teddy and Damien are split whether it is a good or a bad thing. Teddy thinks that Ireland doesn't get enough freedom in this treaty and Damien disagrees with him. This split up the two brothers and they are forced to fight on different sides.

This film shows how the British occupation of Ireland was in a good way. It was raw and brutal and that's how this film describe it. It also show the Irish Civil War and the two brothers fight each other.