Freedom and equality are fundamental American valuesfreedom_and_equality.jpg

The first immigrants were religious refugees.
The first immigrants were looking for a place where they could practise their religion freely. In the new land, America, they found the freedom they were looking for. Since then, freedom has been one the most important value in America. The freedom has been a big part of shaping the country as we know it today. People from all over the world have moved to America to experience the American dream and finding their freedom.

Society should provide everyone with equal opportunities.
America is a nation with people from all over the world. This is why it is called “A nation of Immigrants”. In America, every race is treated equally and no race is higher regarded than the others. But all the citizens don't have the same opportunities when it comes to medical help. In America you have to pay for hospital and health care. Without money you don't have the right to get the help you need.

Society is very helpful, and people help and care about each other. Do-it-yourself spirit is also something important in America. Do-it-yourself spirit is helping others through privately initiated, rather than government-sponsored, agencies.

The role of the government is to protect the rights of individuals.
The government take care of every citizen and make them feel safe. The government exists to make the American people happy by giving them the best opportunity to get what they really need.

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