Multicultural Britain

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If you walk the streets of any country in Britain you will meet people from all over the world. You will find people with different hair colours, mixed with different skin and eye colours. The people of Britain is a very mixed race and the culture there is a great mix, influenced by all the religions and beliefs the immigrants has brought with them.

Even though most people in Britain are English, Scottish, Welsh or Irish, the British population has always been a mixed race. Britain was early invaded by Romans, Saxons, the Vikings and the Normans. All of these made a huge impact on both language and beliefs. Later in the late 1800s and early 1900 Britain was on its peak of power and ruled over one quarter of the world. During this period many Africans were brought to Britain to work as slaves or servants.

After World War Two Britain lost its power status and was not able to hold on to the colonies. In 1974 India and Pakistan demanded and gained their independence. This caused a ''domino effect'' on the other colonies and in 1997 the last colony, Hong Kong, got their independence as well. This decolonization process was a very peaceful process, so there was no ''hard feelings'' towards each other. Actually people from the former colonies started to move to Britain voluntary so they could get a job and make a living out of it.

All of these things has contributed to make Britain what it is today. Britain today consists of about five million non-whites. You are most likely to find most immigrants in the bigger cities, such as London for example. In London alone fifty percent of the non-whites population are settled. As a result of that is that a quart (25%) of the population in London are from minority ethnic groups. This number is high if you compare it to the national average which is around 8 percent.

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