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Butterflies is a short story about a girl who lives with her grandparents. She is a smart girl and goes to school something that makes her grandparents very proud. One day when she was going to school, she was told to do what the teacher said and listen to her. The granddaughter had a book where she wrote down her home work every day. When she got home from school she read the story to her grandparents. It was about the butterflies. She killed all the butterflies, and that was her and all the butterflies. The grandparents were surprised about what she wrote, and asked what the teacher said about it. The teacher said that killing the butterflies was a bad thing to do because these cratures were beatiful and that they were no harm.

The important information butterflies conveys about the culture is that the majority of the Maori people does not have a good economic situation. The little girl in this family is the only one who goes to school, and it seems that her grandparents haven’t. They are farmers for a living, without an education.

The theme or message of the story is that the people with more education don’t understand what the people that don’t have education to help them for a living. When the little girl wrote she killed all the butterflies, it was all in good deed, because it would save the cabbage that her grandparents grew. The teacher did not understand this because she did not realise that the butterflies would eat the farmer's crops. She would rather buy her cabbage at the supermarket.