Tony's Story

The story's about Tony and his friend Leon. Leon has just returned from the army on San Lorenzo's Day drunk and longs to see his friend. It is a beautiful sunny day, but everything changes when a police officer assaults Leon for no apparent reason. Bleeding from both his mouth and his nose, Leon is put on a wagon and sent to the hospital. The police officer didn't get punished for his crimes and Leon is outraged. He wants his revenge and almost gets it when they discovered the same police officer following them that very same day. While staying at a sheep camp belonging to Leon's uncle, they prepared for the worst.Tony worries because he believes the police officer is from one of the stories he'd heard from when he was younger. While he believes two arrowhead is enough protection for both of them, Leon takes with him a .30-30 rifle in the truck. During another run on the highway they find themself being stalked again. Leon pulled over and got out of the truck and left Tony in the passenger seat with the .30-30 rifle across his lap. Right when the big cop took out his stick and raised it up high, Tony fired his rifle and killed the cop. While Leon doesn't know if he should run or stay, Tony believes he has killed "it" and thinks they're safe now.

Historical Values

Throughout history the Natives has been pushed away and treated like they were a weaker race. During the homestead act in the 1860's the Native Americans were thrown out of their land. During that time they were heavily suppressed and discriminated by "the white men".


Tony's story describes how the native americans have been inflicted with violence and discrimination from the white men who took their land. The cop treats the natives like they are a problem and tries to attack them. This is more or less how some people treat natives today.