Typically American
Most people would probably associate the USA with Hamburgers, Cowboys and Coca Cola. But what is common in the USA when it comes to way of living and thinking? American values are typically American, and something less superficial than hamburgers and coke.

Freedom is very important in America. The hole nation is built on freedom. In America the people have political freedom, freedom of speech, religious freedom, economic freedom and personal freedom. The American commonly regards their society as the freest in the world, and they like to think of their country as a welcoming heaven for immigrants longing for freedom and a better life. Since Christopher Columbus came to America in 1492, immigrants have been a big part of America. Now people from all over the world move to America in hope to experience the American Dream.

In America, individualism is highly regarded. This is because the first settlers who came to America had to be independent and work hard to survive. They were not familiar to farm a land like this, but they manage to do it anyway. To day, you can see this in the do-it-yourself spirit to the Americans. Do-it-yourself spirit is helping others through privately initiated, rather than government-sponsored, agencies. This is a part of idealizing what is practical.
Today individualism is important to come a long way in business. This is because business is dominated by large corporations, individual ownership is regarded as the ideal, and government regulation is often opposed.

The people in America likes to do something themselves instead of waiting on the government to do something. The American people make groups where they collect help to help others. Like collect cloths for homeless or money for an illness. Six of ten Americans are members of a volunteer organization.

Psychology of Abundance
America has always been a country limitless in resources. Many Americans think that they still have an abundance of this resources. But in the end, it will get empty, which some Americans haven't realized.
The Psychology of Abundance is maybe why everything is so big in America. The buildings, the meals, and so on. One thing that is getting a bigger problem in America is the weight issue. People eat more and practice a lot lesser than before.

In America it is quite normal to have lived five different places. The people move around a lot, wanting to make a fresh start. The reason why the Americans move around that much is because it is a nation of immigrants that maybe are used to always try to get somewhere were things are better. Today the Americans move from place to place with the same sense of optimism, hoping to secure a better job or enjoy a warmer climate. Since the American people are moving that much, the national pride has become stronger than regional pride. The American is famous for this national patriotism.

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